bio: hivemindesign

Hivemindesign inc. is a consulting design team and manufacturer of interiors, furniture, packaging, and products. In addition to developing and producing an expanding line of furniture suitable for residential or contract use, the team has designed interiors and fixtures for residential clients and retail boutiques. Their pieces have garnered attention for their interesting use of materials, most often wood and metal combinations with exacting craftsmanship and clean, spare lines.


Hivemindesign is the partnership of Ruby and Sather Duke.  A New York native, Ruby graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Industrial Design. Sather grew up in the woods of Idaho and Colorado, briefly attended Hampshire College, then spent several years teaching snowboarding and kayaking in the Rockies before moving to New York to study sculpture at the New York Studio School. The two met in 2000 while walking their dogs, and a year later decided to merge their wildly divergent backgrounds and their shared love of creative problem solving in the dynamic collaboration that is hivemindesign.


Ruby and Sather endeavor to create unique designs that will endure both visually and physically.  By modifying timeless construction techniques to work with contemporary materials, processes, and conditions, hivemindesign develops work that entertains in the moment and has lasting value.